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A man's natural and involuntary reaction to being liked by a chick who's, ugly, fat, both, or has some other quality that would make a relationship with her a terrible thing. When the dick switch is flipped, as the name suggests, the guy will start acting like a dick/asshole to try to get the ugo/fatty/both/other chick to stop liking him.
Here's a text conversation after the Dick Switch was flipped.

Fatty: So what's your favorite color?(:
Guy: Green I guess.
Fatty: NO WAY ME TOO!!!(:
Guy: I fucking hate green.
Fatty: Um..what do you think of Brooke? She's like my best friend. :)
Guy: I think she's an ugly whore.
Fatty:... :'(
by Eulogy Jones June 07, 2011
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A switch that randomly enables a man to turn into a "dick"
1. Did you just turn your dick switch on?

2. I thought Jack was an idiot, did he just turn his dick switch off?
by shisms May 12, 2010
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When a when a guy who’s usually a dick will change his personality entirely around attractive females.
Dick man*to his friends*: you’re such a bitch and you’re fat i hate you
Dick man*to an attractive woman*: I cant wait to go save sea turtles and did I mention I love your hair today?

this dick, just had a dick switch
by AM2000 May 25, 2018
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