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For the sexually, open and advanced female. This term would describe a women who is not bi. or bi curious or anything related to a one on one relationship with a female. But A woman who is turned on by how well a male pleases another woman.

For Couples, the partner is simply turned on by watching her man as he fucks another woman. She may or may not join.

For Single ladies, same scenario, although, the single female is initially interested in the male but as a Couple they are more attractive and would be open to joining them: but has no intention on just participating with the female solo. not even to let the male watch. The couples interaction together is as much of a turn on.
WIFE/GF - Dam babe you see that sexy female, I bet you would tare her up. I would love to see you work her over first, then maybe together. I'm a Dick lesbian tonight.

Single Female - I wouldnt mind Ietting craig cum on my face, and his wife looks like she can take his dick like a champ, she is really in love with him, i bet they look good fucking. I would love to help him make her scream. I'm not bi but I wonder if being dick lesbian is cool with them.
by Gena Lee May 28, 2018
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