the sacred institution of dibbs: originated during the Paleolithic era. Cavemen or Neanderthals used the dibbs as a means to reduce fatal conflicts over mates, food, shelter,etc. The institution of dibbs prevented pointless deaths by providing a universally acknowledged rule. If person or persons are competing for the same object, goal etc, the first person to call dibbs gets total soverignty with respect to the objects/goals in dispute. This institution is the secret to the success of the human race and has been respected for over 5000 years.
group of guys notice a cute girl. One among the group yells DIBBS! That guy gets the first chance with the girl without dispute from his friends. They respect the dibbs.
by brosswalk March 15, 2011
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Yo dawg where you get that tshirt?
This? its a Dibbs
Where can i get me one of those?
from or facebook Dibbs Clothing-uk
by D-Mack The Great November 05, 2012
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Usually what "Men" say to call ownership to something/ some one.
G1: Did you hear that he didn't talk to you because his buddy called dibbs on you first.
G2: wtf, thats the dumbest thing I have ever herd.
G1: Who do you want?
G2: The honest one with love and not his pecker in his hand.
G1: sux to be you. They'er treating you like the last piece of pizza
G2: That is Fkd up. What ever happend to what was best for her life? darn fucktards Whats wrong with you?
by dibbsisn'tanexcuseahole October 25, 2009
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An adjective used to describe someone who is kind, caring and funny. A Dibbs is an all round nice guy and who any normal person likes. A Dibbs has lots of friends. Anyone who doesnt like a Dibbs is a fassie, faggot and probably has sex with their family. Using the word Dibbs to describe someone is offering the highest praise and should not be used lightly.
That guy is such a Dibbs, i.e he's proper safe.
by Northstar October 09, 2006
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High praise for a guy; it can mean he's either good-looking, funny or just really cool.
John is so dibbs.
by velociraptorrr August 04, 2008
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To call something. Similar to calling shotgun in a car. After calling "dibbs" you take possession or get to to use the object that dibbs was called on.
Girl 1: "Dibbs on the last cupcake!"
Girl 2: "No. I already called dibbs on it."
by Jason K-H March 18, 2009
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when called "dibbs" it is usually refered to a car seat shotgun or anything else in witch you might want. After calling "dibbs" on something you take possetion, or use it for that one time that you have called "dibbs".
Example: you and a friend/sibling are eating pizza and there is one slice left so you yell "dibbs on last slice" this would give you possetion of the last slice.
by Sarah_Alkaline_Trio April 18, 2006
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