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This is the male equivalent to a baby shower. When the mother of the child has a baby shower, the father of the child has a Diaper Party, at which his buddies (usually the significant others of the women attending the baby shower) bring cases of diapers and beer.
Hey man, is your Diaper Party the same day as the baby shower?
by Raver047 July 31, 2009
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A party where all the attendees wear diapers and usually use them for their intended purpose
"Did you hear? Sue went to Mike's diaper party last week and enjoyed it so much that she's been wearing diapers ever since.
by iminpampers April 28, 2011
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A party for an expecting father. This is typically for males only and is the equivalent of the female only baby shower. The guests bring adult diapers and put them on the soon-to-be father. The father is not allowed to use the bathroom and instead must soil himself in his adult diaper whenever he needs relief. Once the diaper is soiled the guests place the father on the kitchen table and change his diaper.
Greg went through an 8-pack of Depends during his diaper party! He should have laid off the White Castle for lunch.
by Long_Dong_Larry April 14, 2019
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