the name Dhea is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin and means "Kindness or Goddess."
a person named Dhea has a strong will, business talent, and authority.
who's that pretty girl? she reminds me of Dhea.
by oBeehive May 23, 2020
Is beautiful, super cute and very sweet. She is also funny. If you meet her, never let her go.
Dhea is perfect!
I love Dhea!
by Iknoweverythingxo February 24, 2017
First level Diarrhea spell in the FINAL FANTASY series.
Cloud casts Dhea. Sephiroth takes 531 damage!
by Lord Diarrhea October 26, 2007
As if. Yeah, right. A Gaelic language term often used in English to denote disbelief or implausibility of the preceding statement. Mar dhea renders the previous statement dubious, highly unlikely or untrue. The phrase is in common use in Ireland and among the Irish diaspora.
Dave drank 15 pints last night, mar dhea!
Jim is the best employee we've ever had, mar dhea!
by taberesc February 18, 2012
(Pronounciation: Mahr Yah)
From Irish Gaelic.
Sarcastic response or statement about the innacuracy of a sentence, as in "Yeah Right" or "As if".
-"I did not have sexual relationship with that woman"
-"Mar dhea !"
by An Sionnach Beag June 23, 2022