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Home of the chavs. Dewsbury is a small town containing a massive amount of chavs mainly living in the Dewsbury Moor area. The rest of the population is asian 1% are other. So if youre from Dewsbury youre basically either a chav or asian or in most cases BOTH. Mainly known for the Shannon Matthews case.
I went to Dewsbury last week and was jumped by a big hairy chav.
by the shm April 20, 2009
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A large indusrial town situated in the calder valey in west yorkshire, population is around 55,000 of witch 25% is mainly asian minority.

A metroplitan district of sevral small towns, Thornhill,Rathernthorpe, Earlsheton,Dewsbury,Hanging heton,Chickenly and Soothill and seval small areas all of witch have seeped in to each others borders creating Dewsbury.

up in till the 80's was a thriving wollen mill area and coal mining district but under the years of thatcher most of these where closed down sending the area in to social and economical decline.

most of the victorian housing has been dimolished to make way for the new town center and new houses,that only the posh and middle class can afford leaving us avrage joes with bearly any where to live.

Chavs are the main cleack hear making 70% of the social class
Emos 10%
moshers 15%
and plastics 5%
i hate living her its so crap! i cant walk down the steet with out being mugged for beiing emo!!!!!!
dewsbury is crap!! i wish it would be regenarted!! crap i forgot to do my homework
by me23333 February 23, 2008
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