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Devil's Springs is a 160 proof vodka ( Very High Potent )

However, can be a very satisfying base for a beautiful mixture....

Devil's Springs for Non-Alcoholic ( Non - Experienced drinkers ) -

Liquor Proofing ( % alcohol by volume ) Proofing is an old system used to prove the quantiy of alcohol. This system is used with gunpowder and a match. A combination of alcohol and water was considered proven when it could be poured onto gunpowder, and the powder could be ignited. Liquor proven was defined as 100 degrees proof ( 57.15% ethanol ). So 40% alcohol by volume is 70proof. pure alcohol is stated to be 175 proof or 87.5% alcohol by volume. For those who know anything about Gasoline. Devil Springs at 160 Proof ( 80% alcohol by volume ) contains 80% ethanol. E80 Gasoline is 80% ethanol & 20% Gasoline. Wonder why they say Devil Springs can start a car?

With that being said. If you are not an experienced drinker, Devil Springs should not be drinken at full strength. Devil Springs really do goes great with some Poland Springs water. Also goes great with Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Pepsi, Coke, Selection's of wine coolers, etc. However, do try not mixing devil springs and any vodka over 50% 100 proof with citris drink or creams ( E&J cask & cream ) These contents will cake up in your cup and look really gross.

Keep in mind despite social pressure's, the most entertaining people at parties are those who entertain the party; not pass out. Drink responsibly. Being that your body dispose of less than 1/4 of the contents of each cup you drink per hour. It's safe to say you're going to feel each cup for about 3 hour. 2 Cup is 6 hrs and so on. However, the more water in your system the better off you will be. Be safe, drink a cup of water every 40 minutes. Sneak in the bathroom if you have to. I personally know people who dranked devils springs for the first time, and got alcohol poisoning. Most people are afraid of devil springs cause of stories, and it's high potency. Nonetheless, devil springs can make for a very entertaining evening, or experience if control properly and responsibly.
Do not ever allow anyone to talk you into downing a bottle of Devils Springs to the head or drinking more than 7 shots of springs within an hr period.
by Mistikal_718_ENY June 30, 2009
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