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Methamphetamines. The pleasure you get from ingesting this substance.
Have you tried Devils Candy yet man ? It will expand your horizons.
by Dazelowkey April 05, 2017
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Practically, any substance that gives a pleasure, but is also deadly and dangerous. Therefore, it's labeled as such, trapped in dogmas, and/or under any kind of doctrine. Illegal, unsafe, unhealthy, deadly, risky, etc.
Person A: Have you ever tried some Devil's Candy?
Person B: No, what's that?
Person A: I've got some Heroin, an Afghan brown, at a cheap price. Trust me, it's the best piece of candy you'd ever try! Person B: Oh!.. HOW MUCH!?
by moozyland January 15, 2019
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Something that is so enticing that it makes you do it way to much. Over eating or Over stimulating yourself. Something that will cause you to become obsessed and consume too much of it cause it seems like it's so good.
Chocolate and TV late at night is the Devils Candy
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by SEAL June 20, 2018
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