(n.) Devil's bargain, (alternatively) Devil's own bargain:

An extremely bad deal, with a terrible price to pay, which someone considers accepting because they can see no other way out of a truly horrible situation.
Let's hope their friends can think of some better idea!
He knew she was offering a Devil's bargain, but he would do anything to get the medicine for his wife.
"If you marry that man to put a roof over your children's head, you will be getting the Devil's own bargain, because he does not love them, and he never will."
by liv4mntns September 14, 2009
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A situation involving gaining something one would normally enjoy or benefit from, were it not gained by sacrificing some prerequisite to enjoying or benefiting from it. Also known as "The Treat Yo Self of the Magi."
He made a devil's bargain when he sold all of his teeth so he could afford a toothpaste advertised as "Our most advanced whitening formula yet!"
by Aldous Buttstuffe August 19, 2022
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a phrase that means never get back together with your ex

the devil doesn’t bargain

your ex will only break your heart again
Jenna: i wanna get back together with ryan
Jenna friend: no don’t do it, remember the devil doesn’t bargain, it will only be bad again
by stay single 4 life June 13, 2022
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