A turd that is anywhere except for in the toilet or in a person.

Man! I need to get home quick or I'm going to have a Deuce on the loose!


first guy: Don't go into the second toilet stall, there's a couple deuces on the loose.

second guy: Aww dude! Nasty! Where?

first guy: One on the floor and one on the toilet seat.
by CrazyAndyD October 20, 2012
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I had a dozen tacos for lunch and the the deuce was loose about hour later. Or, when you feel a huge crap coming on, you say "The deuce is loose!"
by Sir_Poopsalot November 19, 2013
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Ma Deuce is on the Loose is military slang, for the effective use of a M-2 .50 heavy machine gun in combat.
The sappers try to cut the perimeter wire, but they get cut down when Ma Deuce is on the Loose!
by I, Wreckerrr October 12, 2016
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A twice-appeared character from the former MTV sock-puppet show, Sifl & Olly. Deuce was third in a line of "guests" being interviewed in a segment about "Guys Who Auditioned to Be the Drummer for KISS." He represented a panda. It was revealed by the end of the interview that he never actually played drums before, but studies the ancient folklore of the panda. You can find this episode on a DVD collection of Sifl & Olly episodes.
"I am Deuce Loosely and I know everything about pandas."
by deuceloosely September 24, 2005
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noun, derived from the french word for two: 1. a particularly sagging vagina
2. referring to some very loose labia.

3. see cameltoe
1. that porno star has a severe case of the deuce loosemeat sandwich.

2.that prostitue is sporting the deuce loose.
by d-man December 10, 2003
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