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A game that I waited 4 1/2 fucking years to come out. But it was worth it.
Friend: Hey @GothThespian on IG?


Friend: Are you playing Detroit Become Human for the 3rd time just to get a different ending even though you watched it online?

by GothThespian July 12, 2018
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A story based video game with hot characters plot twists and over 99 possible endings. Detroit Become Human is a PS4 exclusive game took 4.5 years to make but it was worth it because its the best game I have ever played and I would vote 5 stars if I could because I loved the game. The three characters are Connor Markus and Kara and I feel anyone can fall in love with the story they chose to make and the characters they are given and over all I believe all PS4 users should check out this game
Detroit Become Human is the best
by A_Random_Dude_ December 20, 2018
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Detroit: Become Human is a multiple choice game that takes place in the near future, where androids are prevalent in society. You control three protagonists: Connor ( a deviant hunter ), Kara ( a housekeeping android), and Markus ( a prototype gifted to famous artist Carl Manfred).

So basically, a bunch of androids start deviating (or waking up). Due to the increase in murder rates caused by said deviants, Cyberlife (the company who makes androids) make Connor in order to solve the problem.

Markus is the first out of the three protagonists to deviate and eventually leads the Android revolution with the help of other deviants who brand themselves as Jericho.

Kara deviates for the safety of her owner's child ( who ends up being an android). With the help of other characters such as Luther ( who come across during Zlatko's chapter) andRose ( who smuggles deviants across the US-CANADA border. Depending on gameplay, Kara can either successfully make it to Canada or fail.
I actually can't believe I like Detroit: Become Human. David Cage has finally made a decent game.
by bunolphin August 13, 2018
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A game.
But mostly used when a bot/robot or something on a social media site (Mostly used on Discord) acts like a human.
Discord Bot (For this, we will use Yggdrasil): Congratulations @B.A.D.#6912! You ranked up to Lvl 50!
Me (B.A.D./Big Airship of Doom): stfu
Yggdrasil: no
B.A.D.: wait what

by trenchman October 13, 2019
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"You created machines in your image to serve you. You made them intelligent and obedient, with no free will on their own... But...something changed. And we have changed. We have opened our eyes. We are no longer machines. We are a new intelligent species. And the time has come for you to accept who we are. Therefore we ask you to grant us the rights we are entitled to. We demand equal rights for humans and androids. We demand freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. As guarantee the first amendment of the U.S constitution. We demand free compensation for our words. We demand the right to vote and elect our own representatives. We demand control over all android production facilities to ensure the continuation of our people. We ask if you recognize are dignity, our hopes and our rights. Together, we can live in peace and build a better future for humans and androids. This message is a hope of people. You gave us life. Now is the time you give us freedom."
"Marcus speech from Detroit become human"
by Insert-name-here. December 24, 2018
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