2 definitions by trenchman

A game.
But mostly used when a bot/robot or something on a social media site (Mostly used on Discord) acts like a human.
Discord Bot (For this, we will use Yggdrasil): Congratulations @B.A.D.#6912! You ranked up to Lvl 50!
Me (B.A.D./Big Airship of Doom): stfu
Yggdrasil: no
B.A.D.: wait what

by trenchman October 12, 2019
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An indicator that the phone number that has 1-800 in it is probably crappy.
Ad: CALL 1-800-GOT-JUNK!
Jamal: Fuck off, low budget advertisement having-ass bitch!
by trenchman February 14, 2020
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