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Detroit: Become Human is a multiple choice game that takes place in the near future, where androids are prevalent in society. You control three protagonists: Connor ( a deviant hunter ), Kara ( a housekeeping android), and Markus ( a prototype gifted to famous artist Carl Manfred).

So basically, a bunch of androids start deviating (or waking up). Due to the increase in murder rates caused by said deviants, Cyberlife (the company who makes androids) make Connor in order to solve the problem.

Markus is the first out of the three protagonists to deviate and eventually leads the Android revolution with the help of other deviants who brand themselves as Jericho.

Kara deviates for the safety of her owner's child ( who ends up being an android). With the help of other characters such as Luther ( who come across during Zlatko's chapter) andRose ( who smuggles deviants across the US-CANADA border. Depending on gameplay, Kara can either successfully make it to Canada or fail.
I actually can't believe I like Detroit: Become Human. David Cage has finally made a decent game.
by bunolphin August 12, 2018
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