A well balanced and highly in-tuned individual. Someone who protects and enriches.
They poses Zlatko like qualities.
by Aryelle September 23, 2013
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Long shlong gang.

Rich, good looking and has big dick.

Definition of perfection
Look at Him, he's such Zlatko!
by Nick 01010101 January 09, 2018
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Zlatko is a name from the Slavic language family (Indo-European Slavic).
It means "Gold". Other variations of this name are "Zlatna" (Golden), "Zlatka", "Zladko" etc.
Pronounced in Slavic as "Zz-LaaT-KO".

Famous individuals by this name includes the actor Zlatko Burić is a Croatian/Danish actor who played an over confident businessman Yuri Karpov, in the movie 2012. Zlatko as Yuri, who despite his many faults and materialistic ways, sacrificed himself to save his twin sons by throwing one of the boys onto the ship right before they were launched. His death moved many viewers to tears.
Zlatko is a boy's name from the Indo-European slavic language family, it has a very rich meaning, namely, Gold. The name represents the element Gold (chemical symbol ~ Au). Zlatko represents the essence of gold --- namely, vitality, splendor, wisdom, health, light, and all godly virtues. It is hoped that Zlatko live up to his name that was bestowed upon him.
by Alex785 October 14, 2019
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Zlatko is a term used for the highest of high. A name only one true God could have. Zlatko Arambasic is an inspiration to all. Born and raised in Dulwich Hill, he has crafted knowledge and understanding of what it is like to be a true God. His love and skill for Football originated in the grounds of the Beautiful Dulwich Hill High School.
That Zlatko is quite the specimen, raised in Dully!
by November 07, 2019
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