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Detlef belongs to every class of words, be it a noun, a verb, many pronouns, a proverb, all the articles, the seventh preposition and even a yuge adjective.
SCENE; coffeeshop

Felted (Sitting down at a tiny table): Hey, other people whose names happen to be randomly arranged versions of my own name!

Lefted: Hey there Felted, have you seen my new Dethleff caravan?

Tedfel: Calm down, you Detlef noun

Lefted: Tedfel, don't just Detlef verb in

Felted: Let's take a breather! As Confucius said, "Detlef" proverb

Tedfel: Felted, you can use your Detlef adjective saying, but detlef article fact is that Lefted always shows off his goddamn things

Suddenly, an asteroid collided with Earth, causing extinction of all Dinosaurs, ending the conversation between Lefted, Tedfel, and Felted, who were Dinosaurs, by the way, which is blowing your mind right now harder than the asteroid. This also explains to the captivated reader why the dinosaur 'Felted' could not sit down. This was clearly because said shop exclusively contained human tables, which seemed eerily inconvenient at the time, but proved to be a yuge marketing success in the later human era.


At this point, detlef pronoun think that it is imperative the audience knows Confucius never said the aforementioned quote detlef preposition any of his encounters, books, arguments, conversations, scrolls, scientific papers, technical reports, minutes of meetings, interviews, newspaper articles, book reviews, Thanksgiving speeches, town hall meetings, video conferences, detlefs noun #2, questionnaires, blogs, vlogs, facebook posts, tweets, tv appearances or reality shows.
by OGYourski February 27, 2017
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