A single mom who's smokin' hot. She has a lot of kids and baby daddy's because she doesn't use the morning after pill.
Muhammad: Man, fanny is the shit... I get to bang and she doesn't make me use a condom.
Dan: Shit, bro. I want me a deposit bank like her... feel those sensations.
by PartyMonkey2000 May 12, 2022
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Put 2 assholes together and one shits in the other filling up his account.
Dude, I have a rare deficiency of digestive bacteria! Quick give me a bank deposit!
by tom dingleberry March 29, 2010
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Another way to say that you have to poop. Similar to “dropping off the kids at the pool.”
Person 1: Aw man nature is calling and I need to go make a bank deposit bad.
by Noblewolf797 May 16, 2022
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