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An adorable teenage boy who acts like a little kid. Most likely a gamer nerd. Hilarious, can make you die laughing. Has an amazing personality and a sexy voice. Often times a very, very good kisser.
by amihs January 24, 2012
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Usually tall and handsome.Freak athletes and can be some of the funniest person/people you know. But be cautious there known to have smelly feet
girl #1: Hey that Deontre' kids kinda cute
Girl#2: Ikr and hes the starting running back on the football team
Both girl: Eh!!
by The midnight nigga May 26, 2014
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DEONTRES are sweet,amazing,and charming guys. They are hard workers and headstrong. They have a dazzling smile and can make any girl fall to her knees.
“Last night I met a guy named DEONTRE and he was sooo amazing”
by issa.hello March 19, 2018
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A big lousy person that acts lazy and tells others what to do.
Deontre':You have to do this.
Gabby:Your not the boss of me.
by Neo Jr. August 17, 2016
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