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An incredibly tall guy that can be a bit of a dick. He can be funny sometimes but most times he's not. For some reason, lots of people like him and find him attractive. When he is being very annoying just cause him harm and he will usually stop. Although he can be a dick, sometimes he's not. And when he's not he can be kinda okay. He has an obsession with Fortnite. Some of his friends say he's a fun and nice guy. He plays a lot of online games with his friends.
Person one: Wow, Denva was being a dick to Rita last week
Person two: Yeah, That's just the way he is.
by WellHeyItsSharai June 05, 2018
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A stunning and intelligent girl who looses their temper quickly. A Denva always has a good sense of humour and loves to eat chicken nuggets. You would be so lucky to have Denva as your best friend or girlfriend.
Guy: Wow who is that girl?
Guys' friend: That's Denva
Guy: Shes stunning!
by denva March 30, 2018
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Colorado slang for Denver, the capital and largest city. Heard when one is talkin real fast and excitedly.
We got Crunk in DENVA last night.
by Streicholz September 29, 2005
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