A woman who is into the kink of 'female orgasm denial' whereby she will practise edging' by masturbating to the brink of orgasm and then stopping, often multiple times a day.
Can also rarely refer to men and the practise of male orgasm denial but this of more often referred to as male chastity
I'm so horny, I haven't cum in a week. I'm such a denial slut
by SecretTrainer May 19, 2017
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A sexually promiscuous female that has slept with many individuals but adamantly denies doing so.
Friend 1: The new girl is such a denial slut, the basketball ran a train on her and videotaped the whole thing, but she adamantly denies it was her!
Friend 2: OMG WTF she is a denial slut!
by Thicklilmiss August 24, 2016
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A female who is a common slut yet denies everything asked.
Guy: Are you the girl who slept with John?
by ursaggynan August 23, 2016
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Typically a woman, who always looks on point.
The woman is desired by all but denies anyone who asks for a relationship of any kind.
by Jbest46 August 23, 2016
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1) A derogatory term that refers to a girl who denies being a slut, despite obviously engaging in slutty behaviour.

2) Also may refer to someone who chronically denies about things in general (i.e. feigning innocence).
3) (Rarely) A girl or guy who denies themselves of orgasm.
Sarah: I caught cassie looking through my nudes and she insists on saying that it wasn't her, what a denial slut.
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian November 3, 2021
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