A term used by critics of the Democratic party to negatively refer to Democratic politicians. Usually, these critics are liberals who see Democrats as weak and obedient to the Republican party. The "crip" part comes from the word "cripple".
Obama is a Democrip for compromising on so much shit!
by KidOK August 19, 2013
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A member of the Democratic Party, most commonly a journalist, who smears those on the Republican Party then obscurely retracts the statements they posted after the story has went out and more people know of the story than the retraction.
The New York Times are filled with Democrip writers who make it big off lies
by BobbyBBob October 12, 2019
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basically a democrat, used by critics of the democrats to point out that the relationship of the democrats to the republicans is that of the crips to the bloods, mongols to the hell's angels. that both parties are in fact criminal gangs.
the democrips are just a gang like the actual street gang the crips, just like the republicans are a gang like the bloods.
by zodm July 1, 2019
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