When you don't have romantic feelings for someone until you form a strong emotional connection with them
Everyone: Is talking about hot people they have a crush on and celebrity crushes
Me: *cries in demiromantic* I can't feel that way about people, so if I were to meet Leonardo DiCaprio, I could possibly develop a crush on him
by DoubleDemi November 05, 2019
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The definition is blurry but mostly people who only feel romantic attraction towards someone when some sort of bond is formed

(When I say the definition is blurry, I mean it varies from who you ask, there's no certain way to be demiromantic)
P1: I'd definitely be romantic with someone I just met

Demiromantic person: ....huh?
by splashmountainigga August 09, 2021
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A type of grey-romantic who only experiences romantic attraction after developing an emotional connection beforehand. Demiromantics do not experience primary romantic attraction, but they are capable of secondary romantic attraction. The sexual counterpart to demiromantic is demisexual. Demiromantic people may also prefix a gender orientation to the label, as in "Demi-heteroromantic".
He's cute, but I'm demiromantic so I need to get to know him really well to know if I want a romantic relationship with him.
by kornoely July 09, 2014
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