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Dema is amazingly cute, sexy, hot female that is erotic to anyone. She is very intelligent , sexy, seductive. She has a 99% chance to become a sociopath.
I am sorry but Dema is a name and most people know how to use this name.
by LoneRenegade August 01, 2011
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Left-handed Mexican who pukes in the toilet of other's.
by Anonymous May 03, 2003
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Dema is the perfect best friend! If you are sad she will do all she can to help you. She is so beautiful and she doesn’t even know it. Dema is the child of the friend group. She is short yet flawless. If her life was a movie it would be Cinderella. A popular guy in the class loves her dearly and so does Dema but they are just friends because they don’t know they have feelings for each other. Dema has an amazing sense of style and is intelligent. If ya u have a Dema be life long friends and just have fun!
Guy 1:“Yo I heard that Dema likes you”

Guy 2: “no way man she is too pretty to like me”

“ wow your friends with Dema. Your too lucky”

“Dema is so flawless I can’t even look at her”
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by Jsfsund January 03, 2018
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