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A girls who is the most amazing person you'll ever meet. She's nice, amazing, funny, cute, smart, and everyone needs a friend like her.
Wow you're such a Delynn!
by A.m.a.z..i.n.g2 January 07, 2017
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A beautiful women who can make u amazingly happy turned on sad and mad she can make u change your whole life in a heartbeat she's simple , funny ,cute,and simply amazing.... Miss u 😖
Sorry Delynn.
by Halucyjunkie August 09, 2016
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A beautiful women who will steal you're heart in a heart-beat. She's an angel (when she wants to be ) and the one singing one direction songs on the way home. She'll capture the most beautiful sunsets and unflattering mid-sentence photo of someone. Life wouldn't be as interesting without her because she spices up life with her creativity and beauty. She pours her heart into her photos and essay-long captions. If you ever meet that blonde girl Delynn, you better lock her down before she finds another brunette to take pictures of.
Do you're workout Idiot, Delynn please stop eating and get those butt workouts on.
by bestieinmapleland March 01, 2017
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