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Slang for someone you respect, more often than not, a leader, or a very talented and unique person.

The most divine God directly above Zeus on the ladder of Gods, some also look towards Delti as a religious figure.
Known for making miracles and supernatural events occur, this God is invincible compared to most Gods.
Hey, that guy over there is totally Delti.
Sarah's boyfriend resembles Delti.
I want to be Delti.
by Teehopper09 August 30, 2009
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A boy who likes to cum/shit/piss in a watermelon

Gregory: "What did you say you wanted to do with that watermelon?"

Delti: "If I piss in it, will you shit in it, and we can both cum it in, then tie it to a doorknob"

Rachel: "And then set it on fire?"


Nikki: "Your so homo"
by CTwo November 30, 2009
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