The sisterhood of Delta Nu was founded on October 8, 1971 at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Prior to this date, the sisterhood was the Delta chapter of the national sorority Chi Omega. This chapter wanted to offer bids to women of minority status, however our national organization did not permit us to do so. Chi Omega refused to alter their policies, so, the Delta chapter decided to return our national charter and form a local sorority. This sorority is made up of beautiful fun loving individuals. Each is as unique as the rainbow, which happens to be one of their symbols. Regarded as the best sorority at Dickinson College
Random girl: What sorority are you in?

Elle Woods: Only the best one ever, Delta Nu.

Random girl: I wish I was a D-Nu
by Elle C. E. Woods November 9, 2012
Only the most prestigious sorority among private catholic all girl high schools in cincinnati. Members of this sorority tend to be fun and pretty. However sometimes regarded as "skinny bitches" , the sororital elite disengage from use of this name as it does not represent who they are.
did you go to that party yesterday?
yeah it was so fun cause delta nu was there!
by coolauntlinda October 28, 2019
(ΔΝΩ) is an undergraduate fraternity with chapters in the United States. It is a co- ed fraternity for socially awkward music patrons who don't care what people think of them. Delta Nu Omega was founded in 1869 by three patrons of the arts Chanzes Murray, T'mara Morrow, and Stephen Atkinson.

The Fraternity's values are summarized as a very open minded society with many different mind sets and personalities, but the one thing everyone shares in common is a love for rock music. ΔΝΩ is known for creating strong lifelong friendships.

To uphold the highest standards of music.

To further the development of music in America and throughout the world.

To give inspiration and encouragement to members.

To organize the cultural life of Delta Nu Omega members as a contributing factor to their educational growth.

To support the ideals and goals of the member's Alma Mater.

To adhere to the highest standards of citizenship in school, community and fraternity life.
Person 1: Do you like good music and want friends?
Person 2: Cyeah bro, of course!

Person 1: Then join Delta Nu Omega!
Person 2: That sounds legit bro.
Person 1: It is Broseph.
by YepTea October 17, 2009
A sorority founded at Fleming College in Peterborough Ontario Canada. A down to earth group of girls who love to just hang out and have fun! They follow the values of loyalty, knowledge, and perseverance.
Delta Phi Nu - "In loyalty, in knowledge and in perseverance, we pledge"
by *~That's~*~me~* July 23, 2008
Delta Xi Nu sisters (also referred to as XI HONEYS) redefine the meaning of sisterhood. Always there for each other, 24/7, no matter what. Classy, not trashy like the rest. DXN respects their letters and morals to the utmost integrity. MULTICULTURAL SORORITY;; we stroll AND step and embrace powerful, strong, fun women of ALL backgrounds. On the flipside, them XI HONEYS know how to have a damn good time! Talk to a XI HONEY for 5 mins. and I GUARANTEE you'll be amused by how amazing they are. When you look at our letters, and you don't know what you see...We'll tell you that we're of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on unity and diversity, since 10-7-97 that has been our creed. There's no one like a HONEY, we're all uniquely made. We're XI HONEYS and we're classy, in every different shade. DELTA XI NU MULTICULTURAL SORORITY, INC!
James: DAAAAMN bro, did you see that fine sorority girl walk by?
Mark: Yeah, dude, she's in Delta Xi Nu.

by xihoney July 13, 2009
1. the fictional sorority that Elle Woods from Legally Blonde was in.
2. a girl who is/was in the sorority, Delta Nu.
Brooke: You know a Delta Nu would never sleep with a man who wears a thong.
Elle: I know.
by nevelpapperman April 13, 2021