A character of some sort, such as a colon, that marks the beginning or end of data.
Please add a delimiter to keep the two separated.
by thegamingman82 March 8, 2021
To create or limit, to demarcate. Easily the stupidist word in the English language, unless you count irregardless, which means regardless. Delimit means limit.
I delimited the amount of reading time I partook of each day.
by Mr. Rags September 17, 2005
A very sexy youtuber, that any girl would be lucky to fuck.
Very smart answer.
Man i wish i was Delimit.
Determines the limits or boundaries of
"In defining nature as an ‘internal principle of change and rest’, Aristotle merely delimits the scope of natural science." Armand Marie Leroi, The Lagoon
by Recyclobat July 22, 2019