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The most beautiful girl that can make your heart stop just by looking in her eyes.
ML: I was looking at the stars last night and wondered if there were any named Dekota.

ES: Why Dekota?

ML: Because she lights up my life just like the starts light up the sky.
by Just4youbaby May 26, 2010
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He is a young lad born in 'merica he has a very tiny penis but all the girls love him. He rides a scooter so he also like cock in his ass. His dream car is a Honda civic and he vapes
Did you see dekota yesterday? I seen him vapeing on his scooter
by Stoeckel18 January 01, 2017
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1. A misspelling of the word Dakota, as in a South Dakota or North Dakota
2. A persons name
Alyssa- "I'm going to Dekota!"
Everyone else- "Fuck man it's spelled D A K O T A."
by ya boi abby June 26, 2017
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