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Deiveon is a selfless guy who will do anything for his true friends. He is an amazing performer who has a great deal of charm. He is EXTREMELY loud and his jokes crack up the majority of any room. He is often considered the dad of the group, always being the designated driver. Some people think Deiveon is mean, but he is just honest. He can be incredibly deep and thoughtful although he doesn’t like to show it. He has a deep for for Mexican food and can’t live without it. He is very attractive and many girls like him, but don’t pursue because of his perceived shitty attitude. If you are considering making Deiveon your friend, just make sure your other friends don’t get easily offended.
Girl: Why is he being so mean?
Deiveon: it’s comedy
by iamsodoneeveryistwkwn June 30, 2019
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