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The OpenOffice 3.3 uninstall takes you to which would make a non-believer believe that deinstall is a real word.
deinstall? deinstall!
by black morgek November 28, 2011
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the act of reversing an installation of hardware or software in the pre-press printing industry
"Hey, Bob! Did you get a chance to deinstall the workflow software? And while you're at it, don't forget to deinstall the magnetic drum!"
by RodYVR May 28, 2005
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not really a word unless you work at small payment processing company in Decatur, Illinois where people think that it means "to unisntall". more specifically, to remove all installed equipment & software from a payment location.
Really? they are still taking payments? Thats weird we just deinstalled them last week.
by fourzeven December 17, 2007
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