It's a V neck that's V goes halfway down your chest. Usually worn by hipsters and douchebags who want to show off their chest hair or lack there of.
Mike: Dude, that guys V neck practically showed his nipples!

Dave: Eww, Deep V's are disgusting.
by Zedek August 28, 2012
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A slang term often used to describe a bottomless vaginal cavity. Popular among hipsters of the homosexual persuasion.
Man, did you see Gavin's deep v today?

What? I knew that mothafucka didn't have no dick
by dj renzo May 26, 2009
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You have a big deep-v diver.
by DDovah July 26, 2015
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While engaging in a devil's 3-way, the males lock hands, forming an upside-down V. The female reaches around and tazes the males in the genitals if they break the upside-down deep-V.
I can't believe Tyler and Garrett wanted to do an Upside-Down Deep-V Reach-around with me. It was intense!
by smooth888 February 7, 2015
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A vneck shirt worn by males whom identify as female because of how deep the v is. Males such as Cody Jennings, can also be a flamboyant homosexual who likes showing off his depleted masculinity.
That Cody Jennings in his deep v makes me feel more confident in my manhood.
by SettingTheTruthFree October 4, 2016
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