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An exceptionally loving and caring person. If you come across a deemie be sure not to let her go :). she's sweet, awesome, beautiful, heart-felt, smart, and never gives you anything less than her best.Would give her shirt to you if you were freezing (trust me you want her to take her shirt off). All around an amazing person. Oh and she give's amazing blowjobs <3.
Guy1: Damn did you see that Deemie.
Guy2: Damn! yeah i did! man if i was a pokemon trainer i would catch her ass!
guy1: hell yeah dude.
by ThatGirlBeLookingFine April 12, 2012
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The act of using feces as a lubricant in stroking the peenie; a poopy handjob
I took a bitch out for a five course meal, and got the stinkiest deemie of my life afterwards
by Steamy Dinkies The Clown March 14, 2008
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