If his name is declan he is the most handsome,sexiest beast in the whole world if he's your boyfriend keep him. He's like a god
Girl 1 :yk declan
Girls 2 : the fit,god-like beast
Girl 1 : ye that one
by Whalepp69 October 03, 2020
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A nob head who has a strava profile. Is a huge simp normally by the name of Vicky, who is underage and also he needs to wash his hair because it looks kind of greasy. Declan thinks he is really good at Fortnite but is actually crap.
My names Declan and i love vicky and riding bikes.
by DecyfanBOI123 July 22, 2020
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Absolute north who is fit that Kim kardashian wanted to f**k . He’s packing a lot
Kim: wow looks it’s Declan he’s defo packing
Declan:wanna see
Kim: yes please
by Whalepp69 November 08, 2020
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Most likely a jerk the only girls who disagree are those who have a crush on him. Sorry not sorry!
I think I like Declan he's so cute and funny.'

Don't he's a total ass.
by that girl from your school November 04, 2020
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Declan is an OK-looking guy, with a big heart. He tries his best to keep all his friends, and will always try his best at everything he does. Although he doesn't have the best grades he makes up for it with his character. He has only ever had one girlfriend, and he regrets how things ended with her. He pushes all his emotions and feelings deep down inside, and barely ever tells anyone about them, that includes romantic interests. He is more on the mysterious side, with many secrets. His self-esteem is not the best but he barely ever shows that. He doesn't do sports, and the one he does is a non-normal one. He will always try to help no matter what, even if it hurts him more. He will always try to protect his friends, even if that means putting himself in harms way. He has a good sense of humor and will try to make you laugh when you're happy and when you're sad. He is good with words, but can listen if you need him to. He may not be the best person in the world but he can always tell when you're down, and will never stop trying to make you feel better when you are down.
If anyone ever needs to get some things off their chest, than they can go talk to Declan.
by wishyouwerehere123 May 17, 2021
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