When a woman has a nice set of breasts and a nice butt
by theCapriSunNun July 4, 2023
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The use of a deck of cards for a cardio work out that can only be described as hell.

This work out can also make the place your are working out in into a swimming pool of sweat that you can skate on after the workout is done.
Deck of Cards
10 of spades, 10 burpees the next one is 10 of hearts guess what another ten burpees. *screams of tortured souls*
by bescience September 9, 2018
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Part of a common refrain when someone, typically a social justice warrior, complains about some other group of people doing something they do not like. The complaint is often something completely random and more often than not, utterly trivial. It tends to be related to the fictional concept of cultural appropriation, but it can be about any random complaint.

The implication is that the complainer is simply venting their own hatred towards their target group, and is looking for any excuse to spout their own bigotry.
Complainer: Using a fork and putting a napkin in your lap at a Chinese restaurant is racist and clear white supremacy!

Response: Those damn white people and their...

shuffles deck, draws card,

silverware and table manners.
by MJM1985 April 4, 2020
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