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Fast becoming Chav capital of essex (That's saying something).

There are a few differences between Debden and the considerably richer Loughton that Debden is attached to, like a fungus growing off a tree to say.

The main differences between Debden and Loughton are:

1. Debden is poor, Loughton is rich(er)
2. Debden's chavs hang around at the BP Garage, Loughton's at Subway.
3. You won't get stabbed down Loughton (as often)
4. Loughton chav's have Mopeds, Debden chavs have nothing.

When walking through the streets of Debden you will hear the distant mating calls of the chavs from either Pyrles Lane, or "The Browadway", this mating call variate from the different tribes of Chav, but usually consists of "Brap" or "Innit", however if you incade the male Chavs mating ritual with other Chavs, you may confuse them and they may start trying to mate with you buy making contact with you face with their hands whilst screeching "You starting blud?"

Debden has a few scenic places you must visit, these include:

The BP Garage - Chav HQ

The Broadway - Extended Chav HQ

Pyrles Lane - The unpopular and generally more stupid chavs HQ

Debden Park High School - Breeding grounds for the chavs, current population ~1000

However, there is a moderate amount of non-chavs living in Debden, and many of these people have merged under one banner. There as also "Grunger's", Skater's and alot of BMX'ers. Many of these know the location of the Clay's lane Jumps which is often regarded as a safe haven and all manner of interesting things are done there.

Common names for Debden are:


Common names for the residents:


Overall, Debden is a pile of steaming crap that has been smeared onto the local chav's teeth.
"I'll meet you at BP tonight blud."

"Brap brap brap, I live in Debden blud"

"I'm gonna bunk school so I can get Pie n Mash down Debden blud."

"I'm gonna Merk you blud"
by Debdenite November 11, 2006
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Its hilarious watching people write out their definition of Debden.

Most people I know from Debden are not chavs, have purchased their own properties and all work full time jobs, and seem to have more valuable property including lovely cars, a really good job or a business and a great family, more then what many people from Loughton, Buckhurst Hill or Chigwell have with their disgusting towerblock council estates, being complete bums with no jobs and sponging of their mum and dad or their friends and having chavvy friends who think they are black. No one goes about calling each other blud, this isn't Bow or stratford or limes farm estate, you're barking up the wrong tree. Correct me if I am wrong but you ALL have some form of chav living down your street no matter where you are! Even Manor Road in Essex have a chav family who gained their riches from inheritence or lottery....

If you're going to write a definition of places, I am pretty sure many people spent their childhoods, or even older years in the camping site and the many fields around walking their dogs or taking a jog or drinking/sunbathing with friends. It is completely safe and just because you get young children around the parks late at night drinking do not mean they are trouble - as I am pretty sure most of you have done the same once upon a time. The only people unsafe are those involved in drugs or with horrid partners who the council chose to place there and make it how it is today.

Loughton boys thinking they are fantastic and blaming Debden for their shy upbringing, just because daddy silver spoon feeds you doesn't mean others can't make an honest living without daddys help. Grow up.

1. Debden is not poor, Loughton is not poor
2. Debden children hang around at the BP Garage, due to bad parenting skills.
3. You get stabbed anywhere!!! not just Essex!

Debden park high school - is NOT a breeding ground for chavs, this is a well respected school with brilliant classes. Most people who have graduated from here have gone on to have their own business or work for law companies...tell me essex, what are your children doing with their lives? Sponging off you?

The BP Garage - Is not a Chav HQ...It's a petrol garage, MORON!

The Broadway - is a row of shops! Complete idiots.

Pyrles Lane - Localalised shops...what about Brook Parade in Chigwell? You uneducated bum. Everyone has streets like this, not just Debden!
by Stickingupforessex1 January 10, 2012
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By far one of the bst plcs in the wrld. sure, its ful of chavs but its gr8. init.
chav#1: meet u at bp 2nite
chav#2: yea. im a chav, init
chav#1: alrite bled. i liv in debden u no.
chav#1: yea. u got any fags
by dangermousejnr February 27, 2007
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