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(Dee - V) *Diva without the "uh"*

A title or name given to a person who strongly dislikes their first name. Selected as more of a nickname, "Deave" is a very justifiably strong and versatile name. It is used both for men and women, can only be ordained.

To be ordained with the title "Deave" you must be:

- Caring, loving, gentle, valiant, imaginative, gregarious, friendly, Deavalicous, fit the song, "A Diva is a female version of a hustla", and many more.
1. Hey, you know Sarah?

2. Dude, you mean Deave, right?

1. What are you talking about?

2. Her name is Deave. Duh?

1. Oh... because she's the coolest person you know?

2. Exactly.
by Deave August 03, 2009
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An arrogant player on Xbox live.

Can be, but not necessarily: racist, rude, sexist, or just generally annoying in general.
That guy is a deave
Dave is not a deave when he plays online, unlike other annoying players.
by Notadeve June 16, 2016
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