When the Bat Wing is used to shut a bitch up after receiving head
Kid 1: Shit.... The Yeti Just got the DEATH WING from Nick!
Kid 2: (Gags) Ew gross. She's turning blue!
by DSK January 22, 2008
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A variation of the origional batwing (as seen in Waiting) in which the scrotum is stretched over ones mouth to exfixiate them.
The Yeti's deathwing was no match for Nick and his grandmother's couch.
by The Sherpa January 16, 2008
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A sexual act performed by a man when eating a woman out. Before cunnilingus, he must consume something with an infernal amount of capsaicin or some other spicy compound, and profusely consume aforementioned nether regions. The female may begin to feel uncomfortable, but the man must doggedly insist nothing is wrong and continue his mission. When the woman achieves climax, the man must immediately spit profusely onto the vagina to spread the spicy mixture all over and then bellow in his most abyssal voice "MY HATRED BURNS THROUGH THE CAVERNOUS DEEPS" and then further insist that the woman's entire family will burn beneath the shadow of the man's member.
This girl thought i was playing when i said i'd destroy her pussy, little did she know that I've perfected my Deathwing technique
by Magni Dongbeard July 15, 2017
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