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The word lots of Queen fans call John Deacon as a nickname, often mistaken for 'deacy' (the incorrect spelling).
"whoa did you hear the bass line for The Invisible Man by Deaky?"
"yeah it was funky! Deaky sure knows how to write a fantastic bass riff!"
by Rebecca Rocker June 28, 2006
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1. Deakey Amp. A small, one-watt, roughly 5-inch amp invented by John Deacon, which produces a lovely trumpet-like or orchestral sound when plugged into a guitar, like Brian May's Red Special.

2. John Deacon's nickname. It's actually spelt Deakey.
Cool!! You can hear the Deaky amp bit in "Bohemian Rhapsody", after the operatic bit!!! -Obsessed fangirl who just found out about this.

The song "Procession" from Queen's debut album, Queen, used the Deakey amp too.

(About the guitar sound in the song, "Procession")
Brian May: You know what that is? That's this Deakey amp. It's a little one-watt amp that John Deacon built and brought into the studio one day. I had done "Procession" with AC30s, and it sounded just a little bit too smooth. I wanted it to sound more violin-like and orchestral, so I double tracked some of the layers using that amp. Incredible. (Excerpt of an interview from the magazine, Guitar Legends.)
by hardworker October 01, 2006
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This is a word for a person usually a female that is very sexual and she performs various sexual acts and is willing to any sexual thing .
She went down on me then she put her butt in my face then she licked my ear this girl is deaky .
by D-ragOvaDoze January 01, 2011
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