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A video game by Capcom for the XBOX 360. The greatest zombie slaying simulator of all time. Stars Frank West, investigative reporter, who is determined to discover the cause of the zombie outbreak.

One of its claims to fame is the many mundane items that can be used as weapons. These include boomerangs, fish, weights, pylons, and shotguns.
You want to kill some zombies? Dead Rising is the video game for you.
by Carsonist December 06, 2006
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Video game set in a mall that is at the centre of a zombie outbreak. The aim of the game is to survive and find out the cause of the outbreak. It is much like Dawn Of The Dead (George A Romero's movie) but the creators and developers of the game say that there is no association with it whatsoever.
Dead Rising - Out on the Xbox 360 now!
by R West October 26, 2006
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