To beat someone or something mercilessly with the nearest object(s) you can find, regardless of it's size or usefulness.
He pushed me so I went frank west on his ass. I used a table, an umbrella, a piece of cardboard and got arrested before I could grab the chainsaw.
by Tkscz January 31, 2009
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Frank West the main character of Dead rising. After years of working for newspapers Ex-photographer Frank West decided to go freelance and cover topics most journalists wouldn't even consider including riots, wars, and a myriad of other topics.

In addition Frank West fought his way through the first (official) zombie out break inside of the Willamette mall in Colorado after the city was quarantined, discovered the culprit behind the outbreak, killed numerous insane mall goers who'd succumbed to the stress of a zombie outbreak and became a world famous celebrity.

Unknown to the public until late in his fame Frank West was infected by the zombies during his time in the mall and became dependent on the drug zombrex which temporarily prevents the zombification process and if taken every 24hours can keep an infected person alive indefinitely.

During the events of Dead Rising 2: off the record (alternate but equal version of DR 2) Frank is seen fallen from glory and now a disgraced former celebrity playing on the game show Terror is reality (a gore fest centered around slaughtering zombies) to make money to keep himself in zombrex. Frank isn't a man who can be kept down however and went on to discover the truth behind phenotrans the sole producer of zombrex, Terror is reality, and the numerous outbreaks since the Willamette mall incident including the events at Fortune City where both Dead Rising 2's take place.
Can of zombie whoop ass

First three ingredients:
Frank West
Orange Juice and
Dress Code Deviance
by Blarny August 02, 2012
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Guy: Hey you know that one guy from dead rising?
Second guy: Frank West?
Guy: Yeah! He's covered wars you know!
by Lil Holland July 22, 2018
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