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The greatest collection of freaks outside of FOXHOUND. They are the bad guys in Metal Gear Solid 2, in which the surviving members include Vamp, Fortune, and Fatman. They were established by ex-president George Sears as a special forces division of the SEALs and were charged with running mock-terrorist attacks on government facilities in order to teach VR Trooper rookies how to handle a real threat.
The name Dead Cell was originally intended to reflect its anti-terrorist functions. The unit originally launched unannounced assaults on government complexes, for the ultimate terrorism simulation.
by Arsenal Gear December 28, 2005
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A.K.A (DC*)
A Dutch Playstation gaming clan started in socom 2 formally knows as Kezzkoppuh. First Created by Socom player Greyfox Zero then they gave leadership to Sir Foxfield. By the time socom 3 came out Greyfox Zero was leader again, Until he quited playing Socom 3 and gave leadership to HaVoCnL but by that time not much members still played Socom 3, and the Clan sort of died off.
Dead Cell will be revived for Playstation 3, Leaded by Greyfox Zero (PS3 Nick not desided yet) and HaVoCnL (PS3 Nick: NightRage).
Deal Cell is known for having lots of fun but playing not many wars.

Former Members :

(DC*)Greyfox Zero
(DC*)Sir Foxfield
(DC*)Last Sight
(DC*)The Lost One
Greyfox Zero :Last Sight is such a n00b he killed himself with a m67 grenade while he was the last man standing of our team in this clan war.
HaVoCnL : Yes he is, I think we should kick him out of Dead Cell.
by HaVoCnL March 14, 2007
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