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Air force term meaning you have just launched an active radar guided air-to-air missle, if you hear it over your radio that means get out the way before the missle locks on you instead of the bad guys.
Target confirmed, I'm taking the shot: Fox Three
by Arsenal Gear May 21, 2006
The greatest collection of freaks outside of FOXHOUND. They are the bad guys in Metal Gear Solid 2, in which the surviving members include Vamp, Fortune, and Fatman. They were established by ex-president George Sears as a special forces division of the SEALs and were charged with running mock-terrorist attacks on government facilities in order to teach VR Trooper rookies how to handle a real threat.
The name Dead Cell was originally intended to reflect its anti-terrorist functions. The unit originally launched unannounced assaults on government complexes, for the ultimate terrorism simulation.
by Arsenal Gear December 29, 2005