A gory zombie movie directed by Peter Jackson before he was real famous. It is also known as Braindead.
Dead Alive is one of the most gory movies ever!
by SteveA December 13, 2005
DOA is a series of fighting games. DOA1 was made using Virtua Fighter engine, the Saturn version of DOA1 is better than the Playstation version, which has no backdrops.
DOA2 is the best of the series.
DOA Volleyball is actually quite a subversive game; how many games can make boys interested in what girls wear?
It has shown many males why girls are so picky with clothes! And there are many females who are not offended by it at all, and happily play the game.
Of the DOA girls, the adorable Hitomi is in my view the prettiest, because she looks like a real girl.
If anything, the game is sexist against men; the male characters are reduced to a supporting role, and are rather dull.
The Dreamcast version of Dead Or Alive 2 is graphically superior to the rubbish PS2 version.

Hitomi is the sweetest and cutest DOA girl, and the most real.
by A Guy February 6, 2005
A popular techno-dance band from the 1980's era that was much bigger than people will ever admit. Anyone who has been exposed to dance music has probably heard their most-often-remixed hit, "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)". The lead singer for the band, Pete Burns, is amazingly effeminate, and he has recently admitted that he started a band because he already was drawing large crowds for his looks, and was inspired by Divine Brown.
That guy Morrisey? He used to get it on with Pete Burns from Dead or Alive.
by Nullmuse May 8, 2004
Bouncing tits and panties. Nothing gets any better than that, unless they show the females NAKED :^D
I love the Dead or Alive babes.
by drool July 20, 2003
Masturbation Material for Xbox fans, especally DOA Extreme Vollyball. Everyone says they buy it for the Vollyball, but since when has a Vollyball game sold so well or even been popular as a video game?

Thats right never!
Sony Fan: "Why the hell did you buy Dead or alive Extremely Vollyball?"

Xbox fan: "ummmm i really like Vollyball, and ummm it is ummm?

Sony Fan: "sssurrreee!, would you like a box of Kleenex with that?"
by WiiPS3 October 27, 2006
A fighting game. It's pretty cool, and the fightings alright, but let's face it most people buy it for the babes. A love it or hate game really.
The DOA babes make LAra Croft look like a stick figure with boobs
by Sir December 11, 2003
A popular fighting game often causing polarised controversy amongst gamers of different consoles, depicting accurate fight scenes, slick graphics animations, and paragon physics/graphics technology. Due to the initial "sleaze" introduced into the game's franchise by Japanese director Itagaki, DoA has become (in)famous for the sexist portrayals of it's female characters.
Dead or Alive is among the best of the 3D fighters out there.
by Somebody December 16, 2003