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The place you go when your parents forget to set up a college fund for you. Your GPA is less than 0.5. And you don't have any talents, skills, or ethnic status to fall back on.
"After 7 years in high school, now that you graduated, where will you go?"
by Robin McG June 03, 2004
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\ De*Vry Uni*ver*si*ty \ ( Duh-vri Yoo-nuh-vur-si-tee )
- noun
1. An unflattering and even pejorative term for a franchise of schools allegedly responsible for providing tertiary education to students, who are traditionally failed college applicants that consider themselves too intelligent for community college.
2. The world's most awesome oxymoron.
1. "Man, I totally blew off my SAT's and got shafted into DeVry University, but don't tell anyone!"
2. Shannon spent the day brainstorming insulting oxymorons: Rap Music, Military Intelligence, Athletic Scholarship, Modern Art ... but none could top DeVry University!
by Avian Chaos July 10, 2008
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A private college (not funded by the public purse). As a result, the tuition fees are high; the good side to this is that you won't fuck around when you're spending all that money for the course. DeVry grads are respected and you are virtually guaranteed that you will be able to get a job when you graduate. I have worked with many DeVry grads in my field (electronics) and have found them to be used to hard work, putting in a good effort, achieving results, and doing fine work. Also they are notably on time for meetings and they come prepared.
Oh, the new hire went to DeVry...I can't foresee us having any problems with his/her on-the-job training phase.
by Jake June 05, 2004
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