Someone you have de-friended on Facebook but still see around, in an awkward manner.
Oh, he's a de-friend... Awkward!

I pretended to be on the phone earlier when I walked past him, he's a de-friend.

I saw her out the other night, I gave her a dirty look as I'm now her de-friend.
by caekn January 16, 2012
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when one starts de-friending many Facebook friends all at once.
"Man, I was in such a de-friend-zy last night! I think might have deleted you!"
"What the fuck, man?"
by awkwardintention October 13, 2009
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When you delete a girl from facebook because she's being a huge bitch, then regret your decision because you can no longer facebook stalk her to find out who the new guy she's banging is.
a. "hey, sorry about that fight the other day. Friends?"

b. "sure."

a. "i have de-friend remorse. Can i add u back on fb?"

b. "no."

a. "you're banging dave aren't you. Whore."
by sike moda November 16, 2009
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1. French for "Friends take over."

2. A talented, family-like show choir.

3. A bunch of kids who are a bad-a performers.
1. Friend de Coup will make finals, for sure.

2. You dance as well as the kids in Friend de Coup.
by soprano88 October 19, 2008
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