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A trend developing especially within the younger sets of the American straight male population defined by behaviors rejecting traditional notions of masculinity. This can include the wearing of traditionally feminine articles of clothing such as the color pink and girl pants. It also includes an attitude of rejection towards tested definitions of manhood in favor of feminine counterparts. Part of the cause of this trend is the mocking of the adult male within the popular culture as a pre-requisite of hip personhood. This popular culture contempt was combined with a diminishment of the father within the home vis a vis the rising divorce rate and the erosion of the relevance of the labor movement; which led to greater coercive top-down work environment realities, which in turn left more fathers with less to teach their sons about being vigorous men. Coupled with the rise of Feminism and the branding of vigorous masculinity as an erroneous danger to women's values; without any aknowledgement of the empathy and depth that can coexist with masculine vigor. This led to a fragmentation of vision of what exactly constituted an adult American male. The fragmentation with no teaching has led to significant portions of young men attempting to receive initiation in adult behaviors and morays from women. As a result of this a male within the sphere of De-Masculinization will often more strongly identify with female siblings and friends than with other men, due to his lack of knowledge regarding masculine feeling and self. The prominence of De-Masculinization within the larger culture contributes to an ever larger number of perpetual boys who will delay the onset of adult male understanding and responsability. Postulated programs for the reverse of this trend include mentoring programs and the mythopoetic men's movement.
Observer 1: That guy in the sagging girl pants and the pink shirt looks really gay.

Observer 2: He's probably not gay, it's just another symptom of the De-Masculinization of the American youth.
by vagabond686 March 12, 2009
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