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Dayummmmmtrisha is a very large and equally as ghetto organism. She is a cross between Antoine Dodson, a dinosaur, Precious, and the Who You Finna Try lady. She is a diurnal creature, and spends her days dougie'ing in the black section of the Student Center. She is known to attract Tyroneasaurus, an equally as large and ghetto organism who is described as a larger version of Biggie Smalls. Her diet consists of KFC Chicken and Purple Kool-Aid. If encountered, it is advised to back away slowly and not look her in the eyes. She will fucking rip out your weave.
Austin: Look out! Dayummmmmtrisha is coming!
Dayummmmmtrisha: Yo bitchez! Get outta my way! I want my KFC!
by assassinistafashionista July 25, 2011
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