A slang term used for the Sun, typically used by night owls, insomniacs, goths, or other folk who happen to not be big fans of the daytime. Most often, it takes the definite article.
My roommate opened the curtains while I was still trying to sleep, exposing me to the infernal rays of the accursed Daystar.
by Rikoshi March 28, 2005
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A very bright person, who lit up the whole room when he walks in. Also very bright and wise, mostly named Daystar because they were born during the day. They are very energetic, loves adventure and living in a moment. They have a very implacable sense for dressing and they are very good conversation holders and very smooth talkers.
Daystar helped me with my assignment and passed very well.
by Daylight-shooter December 26, 2018
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A big flaming ball out in space, the earth (the place in which you inhabit) circles around it. It's also called the sun.

It's said to be evil by many insomniacs and Heliophobics.

Vampires aren't too fond of it either.
Good god! The evil daystar will be up soon... I must retreat to my dungeon!
by jentheobscure August 3, 2008
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a total loser who listens to good techno, drum n bass, electronic music cept is a total frenchie
That daystar gave me some good music but then he started talking all french like and freaked me out.
by chatbot March 12, 2006
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