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The biggest baller there is. The most badass nigga you will ever meet. Smokes Mary Jane. Aryan as fuck. The best at fucking there is. Loyal and the man any bitch would be lucky to get. Hates head fucks but cant stop himself going after them. Dont pass him up cause in the end youll come to regret it. Wears a 900 dollar scarf for no reason.
Look at that fly nigga. Hes so a daylan.
by TheNiggaDatMakFucking November 21, 2012
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Very funny smart guy. Always willing to help anyone, strong yet sweet and capable of anything. Very charming and a good kisser and belongs with a chenoa
Oh wow he looks pretty strong must be a daylan!
by Bossbitch04 February 06, 2018
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A Daylan is perhaps one of the dumbest creatures on the planet Earth. Daylan is usually seen in public areas such as Kentucky, USA, and Canada territories.
Person 1: Hey there’s Daylan.
Person 2: He must be from Canada.
by The mystery 5000 October 14, 2017
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A person who is a soft cock and is afraid to ask out the girl he likes because he knows she hates him. However when he does it turns out she loves him and they lived happily ever after.
Wow, the only person who could recover from that would be Daylan.
by Apersonmakingtheworldhappier January 29, 2019
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