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A funny and hot dude that everybody loves. Everybody wants to be his friend. He is pretty stupid and would tumble down stairs just for fun. He would also head butt a locker to get the whole room hyped up. He is a jealous type for sure. What’s his is his no matter what. He is also very overprotective. He usually has a rocking bod and great hair but don’t let it fool you ladies, if he has a girlfriend don’t even attempt to get with him. IT WONT WORK!!
BRO!!! That dude just swallowed the blunt!! He must be a Daxton
by Dude man 44 June 24, 2019
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Quite, laid back rock star who plays in the band It's Safe I Swear. Is a slow driver but always makes it there in the end. Everyone loves his personality and there are none that dislike him. Has a small yippy dog but owns it like a man. Awesome dude with an awesome tude and everyone should feel lucky to be his friend.
Look at how well that dude plays bass with his fingers, he must be a Daxton.
by axart May 01, 2013
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Daxton is a kid with depression and someone who hates himself if you try to talk to him he'll talk to you but in his head hi wants to die he always think people want him to die and wants to himself
Daxton is good at talking to people but is depressed
by Hi I'm not gayyy May 13, 2019
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