Dawid's are mysterious people you can have a love or hate relationship with them. They act like there care but also don’t. Dawid's are also very loyal, loving, supportive and understanding. Don’t hurt Dawid's feelings or he will be the only thing on your mind. If u happen to come across a Dawid hold onto them love and appreciate every moment with them.
by Vygbyb September 11, 2021
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Some polish guy that likes cats going to loaf mode and would probably rob a bank with a baguette
1# hey did you hear dawid went to jail again?
2# Omg! really?
1# yes apparently he tried to rob the bank again with a baguette
by KxtyBxits May 26, 2021
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An amazing boy with a lovely personality and cares about girl it takes long for a Dawid to fall in love with a girl but when he does he will care about the girl more than anything Dawid is a viy who likes to play footBall and hang around with his closest mate and in General he is a boy that loves everyone
Whoa i wanna be like Dawid when I'm older
by Steven maxion November 23, 2017
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He’s a sexy beast and has a 10 inch horse cock. He gets all the girls.
Boy- Who’s that over there. Girl- That’s Dawid the guy with the big dick
by Myooooo May 24, 2021
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He is a cool guy with great humor. He makes epic memes and he has a waifu named aisaka ^-^
by Mystic Soviet July 25, 2017
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Dawid is a term used to describe someone that has an absolute monster of a COCK, his testosterone levels are so powerful it is said that if he were to so much as gaze at you you would instantly become pregnant with triplets even if you are not of the female gender.
That man has an absolute Dawid in his pants
by Smallweewee69 March 22, 2022
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